Welcome to Home and Garden, a site all about homes and gardens if you haven’t already figured that out. Sorry but it has been said before that I like to state the obvious.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand and it really doesn’t matter how big or small your home may be or even if you have a garden or not, we hope to bring your entertaining yet helpful information on the subject of homes and gardens.

Home and Garden Topics

We shall be looking at all kinds of things to do on the subject from home decor to simple pieces of equipment that you may find useful around the garden and your home such as a pressure washer, or lighting for the garden at nighttime.

It is often said an Englishman’s home is his castle and to be honest I couldn’t agree more. I love my home and I like to have it looking exactly how I like it, inside and out.

My Home

Over the last few years I have spent a fair bit of time, and some money on getting my home to the way I want it. I don’t mean just how it looks but how it feels. If a home doesn’t feel like a home to me then it is only but a house. A little time, effort and maybe a small bit of money can do wonders in transforming a house into a home and is certainly worth every moment when it is finished.

My Garden

I haven’t much of a garden but what garden I do have I like it to be well kept. The fencing that runs around the boundary has to be maintained to look new and solid. I certainly don’t like to look at a fence panel that has holes in it or looks green from moss. With a little help from a decent pressure washer such as a Karcher or Nilfisk it’s amazing how one can really clean moss off from almost anything. In fact so far I haven’t found anything that a pressure washer and a good attachment can’t handle, and is well worth investing a small bit of money in.

The lawn has to be green and cut well. In warmer months the lawn needs to be watered for it to remain healthy and alive. I hate to see dead or dying patches of grass on the lawn. The only place a bit of dying grass looks good on is a cricket pitch, and that’s only between the wickets.

The flower beds have to have nice lines and be kept tidy. Plants and flowers have to be cared for. It doesn’t take much effort, but it really pays off in the spring and through the summer when you have an abundance of healthy living plants and flowers bringing both colour and life to your garden. With all the fuss about bees disappearing recently I can be pleased that in my garden they haven’t gone anywhere. If anything there have been more this year than in recent times.

Oh yes I love my home and my garden and I hope you feel the same about yours too, and I hope once things get going and begin to grow, I hope you enjoy this site also.

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