Yes, Your Air Conditioner Can Leak Too


Your kitchen taps will leak from time to time, usually it is the old pipe under your sink that gives you the hassles. Many handy DIY guys can fix this leak sure enough, but rush to the plumbers when the toilet bowl overflows, because that’s an embarrassing situation that simply cannot be fixed on its own. And never mind top level government espionage tactics, information can be leaked in your office too.

air conditioner leakingfluorocarbon refrigerants for cooling purposes

Most offices around the country will have air conditioners installed. Residential properties, particularly those experiencing warmer than usual temperatures, will have them too. And yes, air conditioner leaking can be a regular occurrence, particularly if the installed units are not subjected to regular maintenance programs with licensed air conditioning technicians. Yes, you are quite right.

A faulty air conditioning unit can leak air. It will release polluted particles if it has managed to escape worn out vents. But the leaking of water is common too. This is because standard air conditioning units are utilizing fluorocarbon refrigerants for cooling purposes. But with new technologies coming online every year, the problem of air conditioner leaking can be overcome and avoided altogether.

The new technologies being utilized in the creation of state of the art and efficient air conditioning units, now a lot smaller, more compact and certainly, smarter than even well-used HVAC systems, also take care of other deficiencies such as the excessive use of energy. Noise pollution is also a thing of the past. But achieving a flawless system is only possible when you work with licensed, qualified and reputable air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation technicians.

Even with the use of new technologies, ongoing and correct maintenance of your system will still be required to ensure the faultless working of your unit.